Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dating Profile Photos

Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, is more annoying than reading a profile and not being able to see an actual photo. The description, “6’0, muscular, blonde, blue eyes, great smile” sounds wonderful but hey, that’s too generic. At least ten Hollywood actors would have that description and there’s nothing to tell the guy apart from the other, although you could assume that they’d all look pretty hot anyway.

Same thing goes for the women. You could line up 20 random women who all could be described as, “slim, tanned, brunette, brown eyes, cheeky smile” and none of them would look alike.

The worst thing you could do for yourself is to not have a good photo on your page. For one, how are other people to know if that description is really you? Remember that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and you don’t really want to have to write that many words illustrating what you look like.

While you’re putting a picture up, try making it one that’s clear and recent. You don’t have to get some airbrushed studio close-up. People do want to see the real you. One that shows off your face and maybe another with your whole profile would help a lot. That way, people will be able to see your face and your figure. To be very crude about it, people do want to see what they’re getting.

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