Sunday, June 12, 2005

Online Dating Safety

One of the ways to practice safe internet dating is to not blindly meet up with anyone you’ve not been chatting to for some time. In this instance, it is not easy to be 100% sure that everything you’ve been told is the truth. Quite often, you’ll have to go with your gut.
You could assume that the people who’d rather take their time before meeting are ‘safer’ but it may not always be the case.

Because of this, always make sure you inform a friend or relative about your date. Give them the details such as whom you’re meeting, where you’re meeting and a rough time as to when you’ll be home. And always call when you do get home safely.

You could also try arrange for the meeting to take place in a group, or have one of your friends with each of you. However, if you feel awkward about it, it’s okay to meet up one on one. Another good thing to keep in mind is to arrange to meet your date at a busy public area that’s well lit. With the abundance of coffee joints nowadays, this shouldn’t be hard to do at all.

If you do meet up at night, try make it an early date if you plan on catching public transport; you don’t want to miss that last bus/train though you still have the option of a cab. True, your date may be able to send you home but remember that this may be a date with whom you’d rather not see again. In which case, it’s better if they not know where you live.

If you are planning on driving, don’t drink. In fact, try not to get inebriated on your first date at all. Firstly, if you’re driving, you may get into an accident or get pulled over. Secondly, you may behave in a really embarrassing manner and ruin what could have been a good shot at a relationship. Thirdly, and this applies more to the women, there is still such a thing as date rape. And fourthly, you don’t want to wind up in bed with someone you’d rather not have just because you were drunk.

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