Sunday, June 12, 2005

Online Dating "to nude or not to nude"

While some say that Internet dating is a lot easier and in some way, more liberating than dating in ‘real’ life, it doesn’t give you the carté blanche to dispense with all social graces.

Being uninhibited while getting to know someone online is a good thing. Too much of not being inhibited however, is not. I’m not saying you should be too rigid with what you say and how you say it, though of course you shouldn’t punctuate every third word with swearing, but keep in mind that not everyone wants to see nude photos of you. And in particular, close-ups of nude bits.

It really is off-putting when someone you’ve never even chatted to sends you a photo of him or herself butt-naked. It’s even worse when there’s no full picture of them, just a very tight close-up. Yes, I have a problem with those close-ups and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

The message you send people is not a very good one and to be honest, people are less likely to keep you in mind as a person they could go out with. The idea they’ll get is that half the site will probably have seen you sans clothes and you can’t really be worth it.

Of course, if all you’re interested in is a quick shag with some random then you’re definitely going down the right path. If that’s the case, just state in our profile (you usually will be given the option for this) that you’re only after some casual fun and with the ‘right’ pictures, you can be guaranteed a huge response. But again, for the sake of the ‘serious’ daters, try not inundate everyone with your photos.

That doesn’t mean no nude shots at all. Basically, keep them off your profile and don’t just send them out to anyone who takes your fancy. If someone does make a request (and they’ll get an idea from you’re written profile as to what you’re looking for) then by all means, exchange those photos. But while you’re happily doing that, just keep in mind that these very same photos can very easily be downloaded onto their computer and uploaded onto some unknown Internet site.

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